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Recommended Reading

Heaven Books


To Heaven and Back
True Stories of Those Who Have Made the Journey,
By Rita Bennett.
"Here are profound and detailed stories of men and women whose lives were forever changed by their journey to the other side of the grave and back." This book was a fascinating treatise of the subject of heaven, with both actual accounts and an solid Biblical study of the subject. Fascinating! Rita Bennett, an Episcopalian married to the late Father Dennis Bennett, treats this subject with reverence, tenderness, and thoroughness.

Within Heaven's Gates
By Rebecca R. Springer.
"This text is the true, condensed record of the authors experience of life between time and eternity. The author's vision of heaven." Quite frankly, I cried all the way through this book, it brought such healing and hope. Short, but wonderful. This text is the true, condensed record of the authors experience of life between time and eternity. The author's vision of heaven.

  Heaven: Your Real Home
By Joni Eareckson Tada.
Also available in audiocassette. "In this joyful best-seller, Joni Eareckson Tada paints a shining portrait of our heart's true home. Joni talks about what heaven will be like, what we'll do, and whom we'll see. She shows how heaven will be the satisfaction of all that our hearts cry for." This is the most detailed, inspiring study of heaven I've read yet, and coming from the pen of a quadraplegic only enhances its believability in my mind. All of Joni's books are uplifting, but this one is now my favorite.

Rainbows In The Valley
By Lilli Kehler
This book is a series of devotionals that address the deep hurts incurred through loss. Lilli Kehler's son was accidentally killed in 1993. Out of her own tragedy and heartache she has written this book to be an encouragement to others. She interviewed people from all walks of life to find out how God met their needs in the midst of personal crisis, and discovered that He sends special rainbows (signs) to remind them of his faithfulness and love.

  Letters from Heaven
By Lilli Kehler
Jay Kehler, the author's 21 year old son, was killed in a motorcycle accident on August 7, 1993. Finding no solace or comfort in "memories", or in planting flowers on a cold, silent grave, Jay's stricken mother began an avid research of his new, heavenly home. What is heaven like? What does a vibrant, active 21 year old do there all day? Is the harp a mandatory instrument? These are a series of imaginary letters from her son, written from his heavenly home. "Letters from Heaven" is a response to the deep heart cry of those who have lost someone so dear to them, that comfort and assurance can only come from the hope of an eventual, youthful reunion. Heaven is such a place!


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