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Framed Name Prayer

Materials Needed




I wrote a prayer using Mark's name. A dear friend wrote it out on pretty paper in Calligraphy. You can print prayer or poem using your computer. Make a copy of your child's photo... I do this so I can leave the original untouched. I cut around it in an oval shape. Using very little glue I glued the photo to the name prayer. Place the cardboard frame insert into the frame and then your name prayer. You may need to position it so it will be in the middle. After you have done this use a small amount of packaging tape to keep it in place. I use the packaging tape because it sticks and holds better than regular tape will. Put the back on your frame. If you have a frame that doesn't have a back piece to it...Use a piece of cardboard to cover the back. Hot glue your white roses around the top and bottom corners. When you are through you are ready to hang.

Note: I will be glad to write a Name Prayer using your child's name if you will email me their name.



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