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~Memory Candle or Easter Candle~






First: Wash jar and remove any labels. While jar is drying use Invent It label or address label and print one of the following poems for your candle. After your jar has had time to dry, cut around your label and peel. Place the label in the center of your jar.

Label: Using Invent it label or address labels with your computer print one of the following poems onto the label. You can add a graphic to your label also.

Then: Use a Styrofoam plate to place a small amount of each color onto.



Placing paints: Place white and berry wine close together. Put your green and black close together and place your yellow on the other side of the green.

Painting your jar: Tear off small pieces of your sea sponge. Use a clean piece for each new color.

Now: Taking a small piece of sea sponge work it in the edges of your paints (green & black). Using this mixture lightly go around your label and place foliage on your glass. Think how foliage grows and have it growing toward your label and up your glass. Use the another piece of sea sponge and place in the edges of the yellow and green to highlight what youíve just done. Add small amounts here and there to your foliage. Try not to over do. Just add small amounts lightly and leave it alone. Allow the front to dry and apply paint to the back.

Taking another piece of sea sponge after the other paint has had some drying time...Mix it in the edge of the white and berry wine until your sponge has various shades of colors. Then lightly add your flowers. Place it here and there in your foliage. Remember to add small amounts...stand back and look at your jar and see if you need to add some to a certain area. It is always a good idea to step back from your work and study it. You will also do the glass candle cup with the berry and white color. Lightly press on some flowers only. When done be sure to sign your work.

Caution: Paint dries fast. Know where you want to place your foliage before you actually start applying. Allowing the colors to become tacky or dry before applying another color keeps it from muddying the colors.

Remember: Press lightly. We are not trying to cover the jar. Let some glass show through. You want wisps of color and not globs. Also donít overdo. You want to watch how much you apply. Too much takes away from the look you are trying to achieve.

Finishing: Place your Easter grass or decorative tinsel inside glass jar. Sit your glass candle cup in the mouth of the jar and add candle. You now have a lovely gift or a special candle for yourself.



~Easter Candle~

Easter candle burning true
light this home all day through.
As your light spreads its glow
may hope eternal grow and grow.

~Author Charlene Dickerson~04

~Memory Candle~

Memory candle of hopes and dreams
with iridescent glowing beams.
As your light spreads its glow
bless grieving parents on earth below.

~Charlene Dickerson~04

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