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Poetry Submitted By Jacquelyn M. Comeaux

A Flicker In The Distance
Jacquelyn M. Comeaux ©1999

In this time of grief
When the darkness is so great
And your heart is aching so,
You feel that it may break.

Remember that in this darkness
There is a candle's light
A flicker in the distance
Small but intensely bright.

That tiny little glow
That seems so far away
Will grow brighter and brighter
With each passing day.

Time does not heal, as they say,
But it tends to numb
The ache we feel inside our heart
When the darkness comes.

In time your heart will feel lighter
And the memories won't bring such pain
The tears won't flow as often
And you will find laughter once again.

So keep your eye on that distant glow
To see how far you came...
Because at the end of the darkness
That flicker becomes a flame.

A Mother's Prayer
Jacquelyn M. Comeaux Copyright 1978

Help me please
Oh Lord, I pray
To endure the trials
Of each new day.

Let me look them
Squarely en the face
And then put them
In their rightful place.

Give me patience
And strength to cope
But most of all God
Give me hope.

When all seem futile
Please let me say
"Look how far I've come
To reach this day".

Reach our Your hand
And pull me through
Cause, Lord, I'll never make it
Without You!

Loves Lasting Touch
Jacquelyn M. Comeaux ©1994

Don't weep for me when I'm gone,
Because I'll always be there.
My spirit will exist in all the earth,
In the water, trees, and air.

You'll hear me say "I love you",
In the whisper of a breeze.
You'll know that I'm beside you,
With the rustling of the leaves.

You'll feel my arms caress you,
In the warmth of each sunrise.

The moon will be my goodnight kiss,
The stars my watchful eyes.

Your life will be my legacy,
Your memories my epitaph.
These ties will bind us together,
Till we meet on heaven's path.

I'll not ever desert you,
We'll never be far apart.
I'll live within you always,
Nestled deep within your heart.

Jacquelyn M. Comeaux ©1999

Time can never erase,
The memory of your face;
Nor the passage of the years,
Stem the volume of my tears.

You are with me for always,
In my heart throughout all days;
Then in my dreams nightly,
Your star shines ever so brightly.

I want your spirit to remain,
Inside of me, despite the pain.
To forget you would be a curse,
Because no memories would be much worse.

You were born a part of me,
Now you live within the heart of me;
Forever precious, forever young,
My beautiful, darling little one.

The Time Is Now
Jacquelyn M. Comeaux ©1999

A time to remember
The good moments we had.
A time to reflect
On those that were sad.

A time for renewing
Our faith in mankind
. A time to consider
What we leave behind.

A time for preparing
To pass on the baton.
A time for our children
To pick it up and go on.

A time to say goodbye
To the last thousand years.
A time to realize
That the future is here.

A time to say welcome
To the new millennium.
A time for celebration
Cause the best is yet to come!

Love Notes
Jacquelyn M. Comeaux ©2000

So often we fail to say
What we feel deep inside.
We assume that it is understood
And brush the thought aside.

We forget that our time is limited
And it may be running short.
So we go about our business,
Without a second thought.

Though our feelings may be known,
What we don't seem to realize,
Is that it is in the hearing,
That lights up our loved ones' eyes.

Too often we hear the regrets,
About a loved one who has passed.
But by then it is much too late,
Because they had waited to the last.

So give voice to those words.
Tell the ones you love.
Shout it from the rooftops,
Let the notes soar high above.

For what good are words,
When there is no one to hear,
Just how much you cared about,
The one who is no longer here.

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