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Our Mission

To Comfort, support and console each other through our website that is dedicated to peace, compassion and understanding. A safe haven for those who have suffered the worst loss, the death of a child;

A place where compassion, understanding and others who have travelled this dark lonely path may meet;

A place that allows the bereaved to accept their loss in their own way; and in their own time;

A place where we wrap our empty arms around each other in times when the pain just won't go away;

A place where you find you are no longer alone.

Our Goals

Feelings of our members are valid. Feelings are neither right nor wrong. They just are;

To work as a group towards our goals and not get caught up in "Control Issues";

To treat each other with kindness, compassion and respect, as emotions sometimes are very close to the surface during grief;

To be gentle with our words, remembering that words are sometimes all the comfort we can offer, and words can harm as well as comfort;

To promote awareness of the grieving process, both to ourselves and others;

To help ourselves by sharing our experiences;

To recognize and validate the many feelings that are part of the grieving process;

To help others help us by expressing our feelings;

To educate those around us so they may better assist and understand our needs during this most difficult time;

To be there for each other during the hardest and most difficult days, hours and minutes still ahead.

To unify as a group while working toward common goals yet still allow each member to maintain their individuality;

And to never forget our group has an exclusive membership. Those who join share a common bond. They are one of us as a result of the death of a child;

To remember the "Golden Rule" and apply it in all we say and do in respect to all members;

Heaven's playground knows no sex, race, or age. It is open to all our children. We are here because we are their survivors.


Thanks to Lorraine Anctil, Sue Overton and Karen McCombs for their recommendations!

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