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My Parents Are Survivors
Angel Pins

Rosemary Fanning Trevino makes gorgeous hand-crafted angel pins. We are very honored and proud to announce that Rosemary has designed a choice of special angel pins for My Parents Are Survivors.

Rosemary's angel pins are unique and elegant at unbelievable prices! Her exquisite angel jewelry designs are created with quality materials of gold plate and silver plate.


Silver with Gold MPAS Banner

Gold with silver wings and MPAS Banner

Gold pin with gold MPAS Banner

Gold pin with silver "I Love U" Heart

To order these special pins, please click on the order form below.

Order My Parents Are Survivors Angel Pins by Rosemary

Shipping And Handling

*There is a charge of $4.00 for shipping and handling.  All orders are shipped priority mail. Sales tax of  8.25% will be added for Texas Residents.

If you reside outside of the United States, please E-mail Rosemary for further information and instructions

These beautiful angels are designed by Rosemary Fanning Trevino. She will also custom design your special angel. Please view her website below.

Angel Pins by Rosemary

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