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Griever's Bracelet

Materials Needed



You will crochet this wire like thread.  You will only be doing a chain stitch.  String beads before you start crocheting.  After the first four beads place a small gold heart on wire.  Then last four beads.  Chain as follows ~ Ch 8, next slide bead forward and chain, Ch 2, bead, Ch 2, bead, etc.  until all beads are on chain.  End with Ch 5.  Cut and attach fasteners.  Finished.

Grief Awareness Bracelet

I wear this bracelet for all to see
each colored bead and what it means to me.

Black:  Grief's path full of sorrow
where I walk til some tomorrow

White:  The robe my child donned the day
the Lord called him home to stay

Red:  Strength God sends anew
everyday to see me through

Blue:  My eyes from all the tears I've cried
since the day my child died.

Heart:  Truly a wondrous work of art
is a mother's survivor heart.

Green:  The new life that awaits
all who enter Heaven's gates.

Brown:  The suffering my Savior bore
He's walked grief's pathway before

Yellow:  Heaven is lit by God's own glory
and one day we'll know the entire story

Purple:  The King's color so grand
Our lives are in the Father's hand.

By Charlene Dickerson ©2000

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