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Welcome to Griever's Crafts. Please join us in the forum below if you have any questions regarding these crafts. This is where you can meet and talk about the special craft. You can ask questions in order to create that special gift for your angel. Once you make the first one, these are great ideas to give to your family and friends for birthdays and holidays.

Craft Forum

Archived Crafts

[ Linen Lace Angel, Prayer Box, Blue Jean Pocket With Flowers & Easter Basket ]
[ Memorial Rock Paperweight, Mother's Day Plaque, Cross, Vase of Flowers & Flowers and Cross ]
[ Angel CD, Candle, Mourning Angel & Grief Awareness Ribbon ]
[ Potpourri Pocket, Cd Picture Hanging, Eternal Candle of Remembrance & Remembrance Penny ]
[ Prayer Memory Candle | Towel Dress ]
[ Halloween Craft Trick or Treat Bag & Candy Cup ]
[ National Children's Memorial Day Remembrance Candle | Griever's Christmas Stocking ]

[ Griever's Bracelet | Broken Heart Pin | Easter Corsage | Framed Name Prayer ]
[ Newspaper Memorial | Pennies For Momma Plaque | Angelic Name Angels ]
[ Quilt of Memories | Remembrance Key Chain | Red, White & Blue Memorial Crafts ]
[ Memorial Marble Jewelry | Memory Ornaments ]

[ Angelís Heaven/Birthday Memorial Jewelry & Memorial Tablecloth Angel ]
[ Grieving Bear | Memory Poem Plaque ]
[ Spoonful of Memories | Flowers for the Graveside ]
[ Memory Ornaments ]

[ Memory Saw Blade | Coffee Filter Angel of Memories | Pillow Keepsake ]
[ Book Memory Box |Flower Keepsake |Snowflake Memory Bulb ]

[ Heart & Flowers |Memory Candle or Easter Candle ]

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