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Red, White & Blue Memorial Crafts

In Memory of those who died on Sept. 11th...and to wear for Red, White & Blue Day. On the news they asked everyone to show their support for our Country by displaying our flag and wearing red, white and blue.




Materials Needed


String your beads & flowers before you start crocheting the wire.

String in this order: red bead, white flower, blue bead.  Four clusters of them.

Single crochet a chain st. Crochet 5 st. pull up a bead over and over until entire beads and flowers are crocheted. Add jewelry fastener to finish bracelet.



Fold wire ribbon and glue. Fold blue lace over it and glue. Now fold the red and white ribbons over and glue. Glue your flower to the middle and pin to the back...ready to wear.

Note: Amount will depend on how many you make of each.

Remember: Each time you notice your bracelet or ribbon while you are wearing it....whisper a prayer for our Country and its leaders.

~God Bless America~

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