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~Snowflake Memory Bulb~




Using your computer or copier, copy/print your childís photo onto the label. Do different sizes to best get one that will fit on the front of your bulb. Cut around the picture in a circle shape or oval. Peel your label and apply a small amount of glue. Place the picture on your bulb. Smooth out the wrinkles. If the edges are a little crinkled it is fine. The snow will cover these edges.

Using the snow and a Q-tip apply the snow to edges of your picture and form snowflake points as you go. No hurry, just take your time. Snow takes a few hours to dry. After you have applied the snow sprinkle the seed beads over the snow area. Lightly press them into the snow. This will add an extra twinkle to the snow when the light hits it.

While snow is drying print out poem: Iridescent Angel and laminate.

After the snow has been allowed to dry thoroughly you are ready to attach your ribbon and poem.






~Iridescent Angel~

Iridescent angel glittering in the snow
you are sorely missed on the earth below.

I know youíre forever happy...and I hope youíll always know
though youíre safe in Heaven...your mother loves you so.

~Author Charlene Dickerson~03


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