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Newspaper Memorial

Materials Needed


About this Craft: I used the acrylic paints and you can see how easy it is to make your own picture using your childís newspaper memorial. This is a very easy craft to do... whether you know how to paint or not. I made this as simple as I could for those who donít know anything about painting. Everything needed for this craft can be found at Wal-Mart or any craft store except for the actual newspaper memorial.



Prepare workplace: Be sure and use plenty of newspaper to prepare your workplace. Collect materials you will need. You will be using the whole sheet of newspaper that your childís memorial is on. Be sure and do not cut it out.

First: Using the plastic lid squeeze a small amount of blue onto lid. Poor a small amount of water on the lid also. You will make a blue wash to cover the whole front of the newspaper. Use more water than paint. All you want to do is make a very light wash over the newspaper. Be careful you do not get this too dark. You may want to practice on a piece of scrap paper. You want to be able to read the memorial through the wash. Cover the entire piece of newspaper. Be sure and paint across your paper in a pattern and keep going in the same direction. You want to have as smooth a coat as possible. Allow paper to dry completely.


Next: After your paper is completely dry. You will apply the Gel Medium. Before you start remember the gel medium dries fast so you want to work quickly and carefully. Again make sure your brush strokes go in the same direction. This makes a prettier picture. Squeeze the medium directly onto the newspaper and start brushing until you have coated the entire page. This will dry as you work.


Then: You are now ready to paint the blue bonnets. Using the dark green go around the bottom edge and carefully around the bottom of your memorial. You may want to refer to picture for help with this. While the dark green is still wet use a small amount of light green and place some here and there. You want to bounce your brush around. You donít want solid blobs of paint. If you get too much of a big spot of light green then go back over it some with the dark.


You may first want to practice on a piece of scrap newspaper. Get the feel of the brush and how you want the leaves and flowers to look. After you have added the light green it is time to make the blue bonnets.



Bluebonnets: Using a clean lid place small amounts of the cobalt blue and white paints on it. Gradually mix some of the blue into the white until you reach the desired color of blue. Take your sponge and tare off a piece. Dipping it into the color blue you made (refer to picture) start placing bluebonnets on your picture. Place them around and be careful not to go in a straight line or pattern. Place them around making some longer than others. Also make some of the flowers fatter and some skinny. Donít try to make actual flowers all over...just touch the blue paint here and an illusion of flowers. Notice in the picture you will not cover the green entirely either. Carefully place the tip of the sponge in white paint and add some white to the flowers you make. Use a small amount of white. Remember donít try to make actual flowers. Let the paint make the illusion of some. :) Practice on a scrap paper until you are comfortable with trying on your actual picture. Be sure and sign your name to the picture. Allow this to dry completely.

Finishing: After all your paint has dried. You will need to make a place to cut out to add your childís picture. I used the same photo I placed in the newspaper memorial. Using a small card.


I had measured against the size of the picture to be sure it was smaller than the photo, I drew around it with a pin. Then using the X-ACTO knife and placing a piece of cardboard behind the paper I cut this square out. I placed the photo on the backside of the newspaper and taped it into place with the packaging tape. I then framed the entire picture. When you put the cardboard on for the backing of your frame if you have any newspaper edges sticking out...go around this with the X-ACTO knife and cut them off. You have a framed Newspaper Memorial.

Note: If you have any questions about this craft you can write to me at or leave a note in our Craft Forum. I will get back to you just as soon as I can. I will be glad to help you with this anyway I can.

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