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Potpourri Pocket

Materials Needed


Take bluejean pocket and cut a small round circle in the back side only. Cut a small square piece of plastic canvas to fit over the hole. Glue this to the inside of the pocket. Now decorate the front of your pocket. Glue the Small white heart to the front and place a  small red rose in the center top of the heart. Fill your heart full of Potpourri but be sure and leave enough room at the top to glue your pocket shut. Glue both sides together closing the potpourri inside the pocket. Glue white lace to the outside edge of pocket. Add ribbon for hanging. Make a small red bow and glue to the front top of pocket. Ready to hang.



Cd Picture Hanging


Materials Needed


Taking cd turn it to the shiny side this is the side you will work with. Measure your picture to fit the inside of the middle of the cd and cut your picture to fit.  Glue your picture in place. Using the small heart doilies place them as in photo. One at the top, one at the bottom, and on each side. Using the confetti hearts place one in each of the heart centers. Cut a piece of ribbon to use for hanging disk.


Eternal Candle of Remembrance


Materials Needed

Note:  All paints can be acrylics but you will need to spray a clear gloss over the entire thing to make it shiny.  The enamel paint dries shiny and makes a much prettier covering. All materials except the small wooden candle can be found at Wal-mart. Micheals and Hobby Lobby have the small wooden candles.




Glue tile to the wooden slat. Allow drying time. Pour small amount of white and blue to dip sponge into and sponge paint the wood and tile. Cover front and back.  While this is drying paint your candle. The candle is sponge painted with the candle holder painted gold. The flame painted yellow with a touch of white. When the candle is dry take hot glue and go around the candle and make runs down the candle like melted wax would do. Label is writing with a picture of a candle. Using the project sheets print out a small label and cut around peel and place on the tile and sponge around the edge of the label.  Glue the candle to the left side and the angel to the right using the Aleen's tacky glue...and allow it to dry. Last glue felt to the bottom of wooden slat. Sit on display.



Label: Eternal Candle of Remembrance

This candle will burn eternally in memory of Mark (Child's child).  Add dates to each side of the candle.  On the candle is (child's name also).

Remembrance Penny

Lucky Penny Holders
Designed by Bonnie Stochaj

Materials Needed

Part One

Ch 5, join to form a ring.
Ch 5, dc in ring, *ch2, dc in ring* eight times more,
ending with ch 2, join in 3rd ch of ch 5. (10 dc spokes)
Finish off.  Make 2.

Join both by holding them together and making 3 sc in each ch 2 space around, don't forget to add a nice shiny penny inside when about halfway around.

Sc in joining, *Ch 4, skip 2 sc, sc in next sc* repeat around. Join in first sc.

Last round: Sl st into ch 4 sp, ch 3, 3 dc in same space, *ch 4, picot in 2nd ch from hook, ch 2, 4 dc in next ch 3 space, repeat from * around. Finish off.

Note: I laminated my penny to insure it doesn't tarnish and mess up the pin. Either way these make lovely gifts.




To make a Remembrance Penny you will need to follow the directions for Bonnie's Lucky Penny.  Bonnie has kindly given me permission to use the Lucky Penny pattern she designed to make a Remembrance Penny. After you have made your penny add a pin to the back and a bow to the front and it is ready to wear.  If you rather hang yours just attach ribbon or string for hanging.  I have written a poem to go with the penny. I have also included one for grandmother.. you can change up and make it for an Aunt, Cousin, Sister or Friend. Change the name and the child part... to sister... or brother..etc..who died.


Mother's Remembrance Penny

This little penny all shinny and new,
is fashioned with love just for you.

May you wear it with Motherly pride,
a loving reminder of your child who died.
                      Charlene Dickerson

Grandmother's Remembrance Penny

This little penny all shinny and new,
is fashioned with love just for you.

May you wear it with Grand motherly pride,
a loving reminder of your grandchild who died.
                          Charlene Dickerson

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