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~Memory Ornaments ~

In Memory of our Children & In Memory of 9/11






Picture ornament. Using a sponge and white & blue mixtures of paint cover entire lid. While the lid is drying print your child’s picture on label. Measure to fit inside of lid. When lid is completely dry… peel your label picture and apply to center of lid. (Using a small piece of sea sponge) lightly sponge same color you used on lid…around the picture edges. When this dries spray with clear spray paint or varnish. Glue ribbon in place and add a ribbon to the back for hanging.

Red/white/blue ornaments:  Sponge half of the lid red and the other half navy blue (allow to dry). Using your pattern of a small flag or cross and transfer paper apply pattern to lid.  Refer to picture when painting. Alternate red, white stripes. Paint area where stars will go blue. I used three dots together to look like stars. Using white paint a star burst. Spray with clear spray paint or varnish. The red/white/blue ornaments have a small hole drilled at the top for hanging.

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