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~Heart & Flowers~




NOTE: Since February 14th is almost here, I thought this would be an appropriate gift to place at the gravesite.



Prepare your roses by cutting them loose from the other roses. Cut small pieces of green wire to securing your roses to the heart.

Next take a rose and place it in the heart's wire and wrap stem around heart and fasten on with the green wire. Do this until you have as many roses as you want to fill your heart with. This makes the roses look like there is a vine going around the heart.




Then using ribbon, fashion your bow to attach to the bottom of heart. Attach the bow to the heart by using a piece of craft wire. You are ready to attach your poem.







~Heaven's Precious Heart~

Heaven is full of jewels so rare
luminous in the Master's care.

Wondrously doing their part
is Heaven's most precious hearts.

Singing in Heaven while sparkling so
as from this earth they had to go...

Leaving their loved ones to mourn and weep
while glittering throughout the Master's keep.

~Author Charlene Dickerson~03

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