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Memorial Marble Jewelry


This jewelry was made with special marbles and a very special rock. My son brought me a rock from his favorite place, our creek. Using this rock I made a pin to wear in memory of my son.  You can also use marbles or special mementos of your child to make pins, earrings, necklace or angels to wear. Here are a few ideas.


Materials Needed




For Making Angels: Using marbles or your choice. You will take two flat bell caps and glue onto the marble. After this has set glue both bell caps to each other. This attaches the marbles forming an angel body. Glue your marbles to the gold wings. For a pin to wear glue pin to back of wings, for a necklace you would leave off the pin and glue another bell cap (one that has the loop) to the top of one marble (the head) to string on chain. If you would like to wear the marble angel on the large craft pin and add gold beads like I have done with the rock you will still need to add the bell cap with the loop on top so you can string this on the craft pin.

For Making Rock Pin:  Glue bell cap to rock of your choice. It is now ready to be worn as a necklace or a pin (your choice).

For Making Earrings:  Glue bell caps with a loop on them to the marble.  After the glue has set attach the marble to the earring wire.

Note: This glue is great to hold jewelry, but it does take time because the glue will need to set.  I usually allow mine to dry (set) over night.

Optional: You can also fry the marbles before making jewelry out of them.  This cracks the inside of the marble and makes them so much more prettier as they reflect the light.  My marbles used here are fried.

Basic Fried Marble Instructions: These are not my own instructions. These are the ones I followed.  Have water and ice in a large container or sink to place marbles in when you remove from the heat.

Place marbles in a small skillet. Place skillet on top of stove burner and turn heat on med. allowing marbles to heat slowly.  Fry your marbles for 20 to 25 minutes.  Stir marbles constantly.

Remove marbles and skillet from heat. Slowly place marbles into the water and ice.  Allow them time to cool. Take out and dry off.

From being heated and placed into the cold water and ice the marbles will crack inside.  Note: Some marbles may crack completely into.  I didn't lose but a couple marbles but you never know.


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