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Pennies For Momma Plaque

Materials Needed


Print out of picture and poem sized to fit plaque. (Use WordPerfect to do this or similar program.) Use a picture of your child and poem listed below.



After you have gathered your materials. Prepare your work place with newspaper. Using the Rich Walnut paint and sponge I sponged paint to entirely cover the wooden book. I wore plastic disposable gloves to keep the paint off my hands and made for easy clean up. Allow this to dry completely.


While this is drying you can make your book label with your computer, WordPerfect and printer. Place picture on the left of the sheet and poem to the right. Print on a blank sheet of paper before using your label to make sure spacing is correct...etc. This will help to keep you from wasting label sheets. Then take a blank sheet of paper and press around the entire plaque several times. This will leave a pattern of the front of the plaque on the paper.


Cut along lines and this will be your pattern to cut out your label. Lay it on the front and cut and adjust to fit your book front as needed. Now you are ready to cut out your label and apply it to the front of the book. Using the pattern you made cut around your label. If you are worried the paper might move. Lay it down, make sure itís position right over the label and use a pencil and draw a line around. Then lift and cut around the line you drew. Cut and adjust as needed.


When you have your label cut out and sized to the front of your book you are ready to peel off the back and place it onto the book. Before you do this cut a piece of gold ribbon for the bookmark and lay half of it on the bookís center. The other half will come over the label to make a bookmark in the center of the book. Now Apply your label. Use the tacky glue to glue around the edges for extra hold.


Bring the other piece of the ribbon over label and glue to the middle of book. Using hot glue, glue the white rose ribbon around the edge of the entire label.  Hot glue two pennies to the front. Hot glue or tacky glue a hanger to the back for hanging.





~Pennies For Momma~

Pennies for mommy rain down from above
a tinkling reminder of an angelís love.
When children go to live beyond Heavenís doors
pennies fall like rain to these earthly shores.
Mommy is heartbroken Ďneath sorrowís load
for momma must tread griefís ever winding road.
As I watch momma from Heavenís lofty height
I know she is hurting and she is not alright.
From Heavenís treasure-trove I sprinkle pennies from on high
To let her know Iím always near just beyond the sky.
So when she finds a penny in the most unlikely place
it will bring a wondrous smile to her tear stained face.

~Charlene Dickerson~©2001

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