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~Memory Saw Blade~





Using the can of primer, spray the entire saw blade and allow to dry.  Using the invent it label sheet print a picture of your child. Cut the picture in a circle shape or heart shape (your choice).

Then pour small amounts of white and blue on plate. Using the sponge brush, sponge paint entire blade.  Amounts of color depend on you and your preference. Allow to dry completely.

Now take your label and peel the backing off. Place label in the center of saw blade.  Using the corner of sponge brush, go around the picture edge with blue to make them blend in.

Take the sea sponge and tare off a small piece to use for each color, green, red, and pink.

You are now ready to start sponging flowers and greenery around the saw blade.  Using green and black (small amounts) sponge greenery first. Then using green and yellow add some highlights to the greenery.  Use a light touch. Let the sponge do the work.

After the greenery has dried, use small amounts of red and white…on a plate.  Blend the two colors together a little. This will make your flowers look more realistic. Keep the lightest color at the tip of sponge.

Sponge on your flowers. Be sure to dab randomly and very lightly, you don’t want your flowers to appear.

Using the liner brush and black write your child’s name & dates. At the top of their picture write “In Loving Memory of”. Spray entire blade with clear spray paint and allow to dry completely before touching. Place on easel when dry.


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