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Memory Poem Plaque






Print any poem you have written for your child ...or use the one I wrote.

Print the poem out on the invent it label sheet.

Then measure just enough material to cover the wooden ring. Take the outside ring off and place material over the inside ring...after you have done this replace the top ring.
Cut off any access material.

You are ready to glue white lace around the entire ring.  Cut out poem and peel off back...add a small amount of craft glue to help the label stick.  Glue in center of material.

Add a bow to the top and glue on the baby favors to dress it up.  It is ready to hang...or give as a gift.  You may want to use your childs favorite blanket...shirt..etc. as a special memento.



Mommy's Tiny Angel

Tiny angel in Heaven’s fair land
mommy wants to hold your hand.
She longs to hold you in her arms
and learn your precious baby charms.
Her heart longs to know your sweet smile…
as she cuddles you all the while.
Though angels tend to you with grace
and look upon your darling face…
Mommy must walk through these lonely days
of missing you in so many ways.

Charlene Dickerson ©2002

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