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~Coffee Filter Angel of Memories~
Submitted by Donna Wilkins





Ideas: You’ll want to use your child’s favorite colors and even maybe lace from their clothes …etc. You could even use buttons and glue them around the edge with the lace.


Head: Take one coffee filter and place over Styrofoam ball and using a piece of ribbon tie it closed. If you will make your ribbon long enough you will have enough left over to make a bow. Spread left over part of filter in half to glue over the edge of the dress filter to attach. After you glue it to the top of the filter glue lace around the edge. This will make the top of dress.



Dress: Fold one coffee filter in half. Glue lace to the bottom edge. Attach to top head part by gluing the filter underneath the left over part for head.



Wings: Fold one filter in half and gather in the middle with a small piece of ribbon to make the wings. Glue to the back of the angels head.



Finishing: Attach roses to neck where you made the bow. (See graphic at the top of this page)  Glue poem to the angel just under roses and ribbon.  Attach halo. Don’t forget to make a loop of ribbon to glue to the back for hanging.

Note: Thank you Donna for sharing a lovely idea and poem.


~ Cherish your Children ~

Cherish your children
and treat them with love,
they are gifts God sent to
us from Heaven above.

Always remember what
they say or do,
These little angels are
a part of you.

And by the grace of
the Lord as they grow,
They’ll carry their halos
wherever they go.

~Donna Wilkins~ 2003

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