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National Children's Memorial Day
Remembrance Candle

Materials Needed



Spray paint jar white covering the entire jar.  While this dries print you a label for your jar.  I did this using word perfect. I scanned my son's photo. The one I used is one of a portrait I painted of him as an angel and opened it into word perfect.

Using the graphic text art I added the heading:  MMIAS Remembrance Candle above the picture and This candle burns in memory of Mark Anthony Dickerson (which you would change to your child's name) under the picture. Using regular font I added the dates to each side.  Which you would change to your child's date.

Check size you will need by printing one out on printer paper...see if you need to enlarge or make smaller... before using label.

After jar has dried from being spray painted white. Cut and peel label to fit the front of your jar.  Use a small amount of Aleene's tacky glue...and apply around the edges of label for extra hold before you apply label to jar.  Now press label to front of jar.  Using a sponge and small amount of white paint and green sponge the entire jar.... going in and out around the edges blend in. Allow this to dry.  When dry glue bow to top lip and flower.  Place a small glass flower pot inside jar mouth.  This fits right inside the mouth perfectly. Place a small candle inside. You now have a personalized candle to burn in memory of your special angel.

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