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Poetry Written By M. Julianne McClure

Angel Alexa

I know you're shining down on us from Heaven,
Sweet seven now, your troubled heart now mended.
Angel Alexa
You gave me love I had never known
My heart, so grateful, for the light you've shown.
Angel Alexa
It seems so long ago since our painful good-bye
I'm a different person now, you forever changed my
Angel Alexa
I hear your voice echo now in a diamond sky,
Saying, "Hi Mom! Hi Mom! I'm your angel for life!"
Angel Alexa
I miss your favorite "yellow", merry-go-rounds, and
ice cream cones,
But I know you are free now, smiling on Jesus's
Angel Alexa
Thank you for choosing me to be your mother
I was honored to share your journey as we loved one
Angel Alexa
I will walk with you in your New Beginning
For you are treasured in my heart,
And my heart will go on and on and on....
Until we meet again, my Angel,

Love Forever,


The spoken heart
Held deep in surrender
Cries unprotected within me
As my gleaming tears
Reflect in the dimming candlelight.

A soul who once
Believed in happiness,
Walked as one with innocence,
Now struggles for rebirth.

Will the effort of my soul
Perservere my will
To heal myself
With light?

I feel the depth of pain--
A wound
Growling angrily
Rapidly wasting my being.

Let me give birth
To a love so divine,
God will embrace me--
And nurture me as His child.

I am not alone.
Give my spirit of despair
A breath of life
That turns the light
Into rejoicing angels.


Our hearts embrace
As we sing our song in harmony,
Flying in clouds of silk
the Universe has become
Our triumph of glory.

Your presence chants a miracle
As the rainbow you bestowed upon me
Ignited my weary soul,
And became the light
Of my newly-created world.

Dancing in whispering willows
We gaze at each other's essence
For what seems an infinity--
Knowing our love will never cease
As we travel life's destinations together.

A golden sunset gleams the sky
As it winks with hidden knowledge
What is it saying?
The sun always smiles
When soulmates have found
A light so special,
It will live for eternity.

A Healing Mourner

My soul of sorrow
Bled for daylight,
Suffocating in its urgency
Until God granted me
A new life.

Forgive me, Destiny,
For robbing my soul of hope.
Now I rest, unscathed,
And I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Guide this path, Father,
So filled with hidden obstacles
That once broke my being
With no shelter from the storm.

At last-- Have I been rewarded
For my endless perserverence?
Gratitude embraces my bleeding heart--
Thank you, Dear God.

Souls of everlasting love
Were given to me by the gift of fate.
They carried me-- and helped me walk
My painful footsteps.

The world society once created for my soul
was finally destroyed by fire.
The burning flames cleansing a new world
That now gasps desperately
For birth.


(To my Angel Alexa, and all of our "memories")

Softly singing
The tone encircling our mountain
Your feelings
Penetrating through me
Until I could hear your song
In my heart.
Dancing in the pine-bearing trees
Gliding through a crystal lake
Running through a meadow of dancing daisies
The earth perspiring through our clothes
As we talk of life
And the song we must share
To live.

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