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Hey Mom, I'm Still Here

Hey Mom, I know you are hurting,
I see your pain and your tears.
I want to hold you and just tell you,
Hey Mom, I'm still here.

I have never lost a child.
But I feel the pain of your loss.
Oh, I loved your child too, Mom.
Can I help you carry this cross?

You know that you still have me.
And I thank God I am still alive.
I want to be like you Mom;
I want to learn how to survive.

I may not accept the loss,
But I'll be here when you cry.
I don't know what to do for you,
But if you'll help me, I'll try.

I lost someone that I love too, Mom.
It's a pain I feel each day.
My best friend throughout my life,
has suddenly passed away.

Today when I write this to you...
I feel the wet drop of a tear.
For when I think about your loss, Mom...
I say, "Hey Mom, I'm still here."

Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Copyright 1999

Dedicated to each person who has felt the same pain I felt on August 14, 1999 when my sister, Linda, passed away.

We each have lost a brother or sister. We want to support our moms, dads and grandparents. However, there are times we really need support for ourselves. We will not have a membership here, we merely want a place that we can talk about our siblings.

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