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Unfortunately due to time factors, we will not be able to accept special order blinkies. We hope you enjoy the blinkies we have included here.

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My Parents Are Survivors
Bereavement Blinkies

Welcome to My Parents Are Survivors
Bereavement Blinkies!

Blinkies seem to be a new craze on the Internet.  While researching for another page I was working on for My Parents Are Survivors, I noticed there were no bereavement blinkies!  Thanks to Beckie Clymo, we now have our own special blinkies.  We hope you enjoy.  Please read and follow the Terms below.

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Our of respect for our site please provide a complimentary link back to our site so that other bereaved parents and grandparents will know where they may adopt their own blinkies!


Copyright ©1996-2009 Marvel Creations. All Rights Reserved. All matching images and content created and designed by ©Marvel Creations 1996-2009 which began May 29, 1996. These graphics are for the "exclusive" use of My Parents Are Survivors. Please do not take! Thank you!  Thanks to Beckie Clymo for the creation of our bereavement blinkies and mantles!

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