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The Testament.
By John Grisham

Troy Phelan, a 78-year-old eccentric and the 10th-richest man in America, is about to read his last will and testament, divvying up an estate worth $11 billion. Phelan's three ex-wives, their grasping spawn, a legion of lawyers, several psychiatrists, and a plethora of sound technicians wait breathlessly, all eyes glued to digital monitors as they watch the old man read his verdict. But Phelan shocks everyone with a bizarre, last-gasp attempt to redistribute the spoils, setting in motion a legal morality tale of a contested will, sin, and redemption.

The Street Lawyer
By John Grisham

This time the lord of legal thrillers dives deep into the world of the homeless, particularly their barely audible legal voice in a world dominated by large, all-powerful law firms. Our hero, Michael Brock, is on the fast track to partnership at D.C.'s premier law firm, Sweeny & Drake. His dream of someday raking in a million-plus a year is finally within reach. Nothing can stop him, not even 90-hour workweeks and a failing marriage--until he meets DeVon Hardy, a.k.a. "Mister," a Vietnam vet with a grudge against his landlord--and a few lawyers to fry.

We'll Meet Again.

We'll Meet Again is filled with the ingredients that Mary Higgins Clark devotees will devour: fast-paced suspense, double-crossing villains, romantic intrigue, and a resounding showdown at the end. Harder to swallow is the excessive use of theatricals whenever the author describes a satanic like HMO, and its legion of evil doctors. The darkest knight of all is Peter Black, whose eyes "were cold, angry, menacing--certainly not the eyes of a healer." Still, melodrama aside, Higgins Clark still knows how to spin a good yarn.


You Belong To Me
By Mary Higgins Clark

Dr. Susan Chandler, the star of You Belong to Me, is a clinical psychologist who hosts a call-in radio show. She's bright, sharp-tongued, and even has "shoulder-length dark blonde hair." Fortunately for Dr. Laura, the similarities end there. During an episode of Ask Dr. Susan, Chandler unwittingly gets herself tangled in the web of a dangerous serial killer. It begins innocently enough when Chandler invites Dr. Donald Richards, a criminologist/psychiatrist/author to talk about his book, Vanishing Women and the plight of lonely women who are preyed upon by calculating killers.

The Jewels of Tessa Kent
By Judith Krantz

For the first time Judith Krantz has chosen to tell a story rooted in the shattering emotions of a mother-daughter relationship gone desperately wrong. The story unfolds on a classic Krantz background, a magic carpet of gorgeous entertainment and sumptuous events. Yet, at its core, The Jewels of Tessa Kent is an engrossing, deeply moving, and ultimately inspiring tale of two women bound by blood yet torn apart by their deepest emotions.

Certain Smile
By Judith Michael

Judith Michael's trademark storytelling verve combined with fascinating settings and characters who live on the page have won this husband-and-wife team an audience of millions. Their tenth novel, A Certain Smile, is a bittersweet story of a perfect but impossible love, set against the teeming, complex energy and hidden dangers of contemporary China


A Sudden Change Of Heart
By Barbara Taylor Bradford

Review Barbara Taylor Bradford has become one of the world's most cherished storytellers, having written fourteen bestselling novels that went on to become enduring favorites. In A Sudden Change of Heart, readers are once again invited to fall under the spell of a magical weaver of tales at her most seductive.

Laura Valiant and Claire Benson are best friends from childhood and have remained exceptionally close through the turmoil of adult life. They have much to celebrate: Laura is a partner in a challenging and successful art dealership in New York, and her marriage to the handsome and always amiable Doug seems to come right from a storybook. Though divorced from her French husband, Philippe Lavillard, Claire delights in her precocious daughter, Natasha.

Granny Dan
By Danielle Steele

For over a decade, young Danina Petroskova has known no life but that of the ballet and her mentor Madame Markova. When a deathly illness steals her from the stage, the young dancer is inconsolable, and, desperate to speed her recovery, Madame Markova agrees to hand Danina over to the talented Dr. Nikolai Obrajensky for treatment. Convalescing with the Romanovs at the Tsarskoe Selo palace, Danina learns to live in and love the world beyond the ballet. And while grateful for Nikolai's companionship, she is startled by the intense emotions growing inside her for the married doctor. Drawn to Danina, Nikolai cannot ignore the passion between them either, and the strength of their love quickly overpowers their resistance. Soon Madame Markova and Nikolai's wife remind them of their previous obligations, and as the Revolution hovers on the horizon, the two must make a decision that will change their lives forever.

By Danielle Steele

Like the rest of her novels, Steel's 46th testifies to the insatiable appetite for unrequited love and the success of TV's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Meet India Taylor, the coulda-woulda-shoulda been a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist if it wasn't for her meddling husband. Although they met in the Peace Corps 20 years prior, Doug insisted she put down the camera, pick up a broom, and raise four kids in the comfy Connecticut burbs. However, after 17 years of carpooling, Little League, and Doug's revelation that he's happy with a platonic marriage, India moves on to greener pastures. She finds her cash cow in the form of Paul Ward, a.k.a. "Lion of Wall Street," who has a yacht called the Sea Star and likes to coo such things as "I think I'm a little crazy, but I love you." Although he may be senile and she is still married, the duo seem destined for each other as Paul slowly helps India reclaim her past and follow her passion. What's not to love about Danielle Steel? She starts so many sentences with the word and that you start to do it yourself. And there's a run-on quality to the narrator's consciousness. But she drips glamour, drops famous names better than Robin Leach, and makes those pages fly so fast they cool your face on the hottest beach.

Mirror Image
By Danielle Steele

Steel's heartbreaker delves into the seemingly inexhaustible dramatic depths of Titanic lore, idyllic love, and delectable stars. Olivia and Victoria Henderson are beautiful, young, wealthy twins who live in upper-crust Croton-on-Hudson in upstate New York at the turn of the century. Despite their life of ease (playing tennis with the Astors, being courted by a Rockefeller), they do face the daily grind of caring for their beloved Pa, who has never recovered from Mrs. Henderson's death. Then along comes another forlorn widower, sexy Charles Dawson, whose wife perished at sea. "Damn shame she came back on the Titanic," says Mr. Henderson--who doesn't know what the Lusitania has in store for his family. As the plot thickens with the onset of World War I and the suffrage movement, Victoria--the demon seed of the dynamic duo--gets into a spot of trouble. Big enough that dutiful yet daring Olivia must bail her out in a way that it would spoil everything to reveal.


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