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Children's Reading


Baby - Preschool

My First Truck Board Book

My First Truck Board Book displays crisp, colorful photographs of objects that kids respond to, with the name of each object clearly identified. First you'll find "Busy trucks," including a snowplow, street sweeper, cement mixer, and garbage truck. Other spreads are "Road builders," "Loaders and lifters," and "Diggers." The book closes with a few simple games--matching close-ups of tires to the machine they go with, and matching the vehicle with the right "young professional," for example. Kids obsessed with trucks won't even know they're on the road to reading.

Touch and Feel Puppy

In this small, sturdy DK board book, full of irresistible puppy photographs, it's the dogs who do the talking: "I love people tickling my fluffy tummy." (And it is indeed delightfully fluffy.) "I like chewing this fuzzy slipper," says another one, between mouthfuls of a very realistic-feeling blue fuzzy slipper. A puppy's world is full of textures, and young children will adore exploring all of them. (Warning: It's only a matter of time until your kids will want the real thing!)


Ages 4 - 8 Years

An Edward Lear Alphabet

An Edward Lear Alphabet was first published in 1871, illustrated with the King of Nonsense's own incongruously matter-of-fact pen-and-ink sketches. Evidently Lear composed this rhyming alphabet for some children he befriended in a hotel, leaving a poem a day on the family's breakfast table. "A was once an apple pie, / Pidy / Widy / Tidy / Pidy / Nice insidy / Apple pie," he begins jauntily. Kids will love repeating the verses out loud--"E was once a little eel, / Eely / Weely / Peely / Eely / Twirly tweely / Little eel"--particularly early readers just learning to sound out words.

Altoona Baboona

"Altoona Baboona flicks peas with a spoon-a.  She dances all night  and sings songs to the moon-a."  And that's not all. She gets bored on her dune-a and takes to the skies in her hot air balloon-a! Her real adventures begin when she flies south to Cancun-a, blows east to Rangoon-a, and picks up a couple of new friends along the way. Children will revel in the silly read-aloud rhyme and sketchy, colorful, detail-rich baboona cartoon-a in Janie Bynum's buoyant flight of fancy. (Ages 2 and older)


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