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Cook Book Reading

Martha Stewart's Hors D'Oeuvres Handbook

With Martha Stewart's Hors d'Oeuvres Handbook, Stewart, along with Martha Stewart Living food editor Susan Spungen and photographer Dana Gallagher, has created not just a handbook but a dream book. The first 225 pages consist entirely of beautifully photographed, exquisite nibbles, tastes, and bites--and the following 270 pages give you the recipes and instructions to re-create them at home. Pink and orange ribbons bound into the book allow you to easily mark photos and recipes. Only Martha and her staff would come up with something so beautiful and practical.

Desserts - Our Favorite Recipes For Every Season & Every Occasion
By Martha Stewart

From wonderful classic cakes to inspiring confections of seasonal fruit, these homemade desserts make the most delicious impressions at every occasion--a birthday or wedding, an elegant holiday dinner or casual summer luncheon, a country picnic or everyday meal. Easy-to-follow recipes guide you each step of the way, and color photographs of all the desserts offer beautiful, creative serving ideas.


Barbecue Cooking


365 Great Barbecue and Grilling Recipes
The Best Selling Cookbook

An outstanding collection of barbecue and grilling recipes, one for every day of the year, includes such delectable favorites as Teriyaki Salmon Steak, Parslied Chicken with Garlic, and Herbed Flank Steak with Dijon Mustard. Reprint.

The Gas Grill Gourmet
Great Grilled Food for Everyday Meals & Fantastic Feasts!

Most grilling cookbooks have cooking times and techniques geared to charcoal, not gas. In his third cookbook, Cort Sinnes offers gas grillers a wealth of recipes, tips for enhancing flavor, and a surprising variety of grilling techniques, These 225 recipes show has gas grilling can be an exciting way to serve great food to family and friends any day of the week. Illustrations.

George Foreman's Knock-Out-The-Fat Barbecue & Grilling Cookbook

For all his one-liners about big-time eating, George Foreman is a symbol of great food coupled with great nutrition. That his 45-year-old body has been able to endure boxing matches with fighters half his age is a tribute to hard work and careful nutrition--especially low-fat cooking. In his new, user-friendly cookbook, George explains how to prepare hearty, wonderful meals that won't stress the waistline. Illustrations.

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