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When Our Angels *Visit*
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Editor: Sonya Marvel
Contributors: All Members of My Mom Is A Survivor

Our children appear in our dreams or appears to have visited us by leaving small tokens or ideas. They have something they want to convey to us, as parents. In our minds this is our children's way to help us get through the loss of not having them with us. Dreams are an important part of our lives, almost a third of which are passed in sleep. Dreams may be one of the mind's ways to maintain sanity and to cope with life. We dream about our ambitions, our hopes and fantasies, our expectations, our worries.

Daily events in our lives whether, consciously or subconsciously , can contribute to our nightly dreams. Sigmund Freud believes that dreams are disguised thoughts from the unconscious mind. He developed an elaborate theory of dreaming and how the mind works while asleep.

There are different levels of sleep, each indicated by brain wave activity. Light Sleep or the very relaxed state between wakefulness and sleep. Rapid Eye Movement sleep during which dreaming occurs. Deep sleep. Deepest sleep.

Types of Dreams:

Explanatory dreams: are about exploring your daily problems. In them, you actually receive all the information you need in order to resolve any life crisis that you are unable to deal with in a wakened state. However, the dream is usually very abstract and you may find it difficult to determine what it is trying to tell you.

Nightmares: A nightmare is a vividly unpleasant, often violent dream which usually awakens the sleeping person. Nightmares usually stem from an unresolved issue in their waking life.

Recurrent Dreams: One type of recurrent dream is almost like replaying a video tape. These exact re-runs may occur monthly, or yearly, rather than night after night. These are caused from an issue that you have not resolved.

The second type of recurrent dream is a theme dream or serial dream. These dreams usually mean you are not satisfied with your line of work or what you do. If you define your goals and establish a course of action to achieve them, this dream should stop.

Past-life Dreams: If you have a dream that seems to belong to a different era, it might be that you are accessing your past, either earlier in this lifetime or in a previous life. This dream could occur when you are attempting to discover and comprehend the meaning of your present life or are about to go through a change in your awareness. These dreams can occur when you meet people you have known or visit places you have been in past lives.

Our Dreams

Spiritual Dreams: These dreams may occur when you are concerned about your death or that of someone close to you. It may signify that you need to come to terms with sorrow. The dream image of an angel suggests that your spiritual guide is trying to communicate with you. Heaven is widely accepted as a dream symbol for justice and for success. An image of hell often indicates that you have done something wrong for which you believe you deserve punishment. Images of flames being extinguished might express your belief that you don't deserve punishment.

Death, Illness & Violence: Death in a dream does NOT represent the actual death of a person. It represents the ending of the old and beginning of the new. I could be a sign of release and the acceptance of change, especially within oneself or another person. Death often occupies our dreams when we are emerging from depression and are contemplating the future. If you dream about the death of someone you know means it is likely that you are subconsciously reflecting the clearing of worries about this person. If your dreams show you walking through a graveyard, this dream may mean that you are thinking about a deceased loved one or that you are feeling pressure of something in your life. Pain in a dream is a symbol of a need to release deep-seated emotions in a situation where you fear being judged by others. A dream in which you are being murdered suggests someone is suffocating your ideas and you feel unable to express yourself properly. If you are the person acting violently, it is possible that you are feeling threatened and are attempting to eliminate your competition. A dream of drowning might be a warning from the subconscious that you have more work than you can handle and are falling behind.

Falling: When you experience falling in a dream, this suggests that you do not feel in control or that you need to extract yourself from a situation. These dreams occur when you are unable to determine the cause of uncertainty or are postponing choices or decisions. These dreams may also occur when you fall asleep worrying that you will not wake when you should. It is common to dream of falling when you need to wake up and go to the bathroom.

Source: Dreams
Unlock The Secrets Of Your Subconscious
By: Frank Garfield & Rhondda Stewart-Garfield

I remember several dreams that I had about John. Most of the dreams I have about him is in someway connected with my getting through his loss and the fact that he will not be coming back. When John first died, I dreamed that I was looking for him everywhere. It seems I walked cobble-stoned streets for days looking for him. I walked into the Courthouse and sat down to rest because my feet hurt so bad from all of that walking. As I sat on the bench, I saw a classroom scene where John was participating. In my dream, he was called on to give a speech. He gave the most intelligent speech I had ever heard from him. He then came over to me and I told him how proud of him that I was. I told him it was time to come home. He told me that he couldn't come home. I asked him again and he said, "Mom, I love you and I miss you, but I can not come home." I will never forget this dream.

On another occasion, I was in a half-asleep and half-awake situation. I normally sleep on the left side and my husband sleeps on the right at night. I felt someone get into bed and lie beside me to my left. John used to do this when he was smaller, but this was a larger form. I reached over to pat the back as if to say, "It's alright, you are safe now." Within about 60 seconds, I realized that the form beside me had to have been John. My eyes flew open and I began shaking and crying. The form immediately disappeared. I had heard that when your deceased loved one *appears* and you become afraid, they will disappear. I don't know how true that is, but I feel John was trying to help mw with my grief.

I guess I could go on and on about the experiences I have had through my dreams and appearances of John. I now treasure my dreams about John because it gives me the opportunity to talk with him, tell him I love and miss him and hear him talking to me. I actually get angry when I wake up while having a dream about John!

Mom to John
9/8/69 - 1/20/89

This occurred shortly after my 2 1/2 year old son, Jerry, died in September of 1970. Jerry had been hospitalized for forty days before his death. During that time he had to endure many painful procedures, the worst of which were the bone marrow tests. When this test is done, the skin is deadened but there is no way to numb the bone and the needle must pierce the bone to obtain a sample of the bone marrow. Jerry had to have this done on at least 4 separate occasions. My husband and I would have to stand out in the hall of the hospital and listen to our precious little boy scream in agony. It just tore us apart. We felt so helpless. After Jerry's death, I had nightmares about all of the pain that my baby had to endure during those forty days. The thought of what he had gone through was torturing me almost nightly. Then one night I woke up to find two hazy figures standing in the doorway of my bedroom. One figure was a small child, I knew instinctively that it was Jerry. The other figure was the size of an adult. The impression I got was that this was Jerry's "protector". I closed my eyes thinking that I was seeing things but when I opened them, the figures were still there. Then I 'heard' Jerry say, "Momma, I'm all right, don't worry about me anymore." And with that, they vanished. I felt no fear or apprehension. I knew that God had allowed Jerry to come to me to put my mind at ease. I know this as surely as I know my name. When I told my husband about what I had experienced he thought that I was having a nervous breakdown but from that time on I never had another nightmare about my son. I've never seen Jerry again...but I wish with all my heart that he would return to me again...just once more.

A couple of weeks ago, during my meditation, I was taken on a 'trip' by my 'Angel Guide'. My Guide led me to a place where the ground looked like someone had spread beautiful, sparkling, colored beads all was like a path of jewels. As I moved down this path, I saw two small figures in the distance. The closer I drew to them, I recognized that they were angels, My Angels...Michelle (11 months) and Jerry (2 1/2 years). They were dressed in white and had small cherub wings. They stood in a light brighter than anything I have ever seen before. One was a little taller and had longer, curly hair...I knew that this was Jerry. The other was smaller, younger and her hair was very short and close to the head, like down. This was Michelle. They were just standing there on that jeweled path, bathed in a brilliant white light, and holding hands. They didn't speak at all but they didn't have to. Just seeing them was gift enough. I tried to approach them. But everytime I took a step forward, they seemed to move away from me. I tried several times, then I realized that I was being shown that I could not go to this light. Then I began to feel myself being pulled backward as if I were being sucked down a drain. I turned to my 'guide' and said, "I'm going back now, aren't I?", my 'guide' said, "Yes". With that my meditation was over and I was back on this earthly plane.

Before a meditation, I usually ask for something...guidance, inner peace, etc. Many times I have asked to be allowed to see my Angels. This time my prayers were answered.

Jackie Comeaux
Mom to Michelle and Gerald

My son Andrew was stillborn on Saturday, July 11, 1998.  He died on July 10, while I was in the hospital.  The doctors were supposed to deliver me on Thursday, July 9, but since Andrew was fine, and I had stabilized, they decided to try to buy him at least one more week.  My first thought when I found he was gone was that we should have delivered him on the 9th!  Of course....

About 2 months after he died, I had gone to bed early totally exhausted.  That night I had a dream that I know could only have come from him.  In this dream, the doctors did deliver him on 9th.  He was immediately rushed into the NICU and they started doing all sorts of things to him, and he was having a really tough time.  He had problems.  I don't know what those problems were, only that he had them and was obviously in a great deal of pain.  He died on July 10, in my dream, around the same time as he died in real life.

After that dream, I knew that God had taken my baby to spare him a lot of pain.  By allowing me a small glimpse of what could have been, God gave me a HUGE amount of peace in my son's death.

I still miss him, and always will miss both him and Mark Andrew - an angel named after an angel.  But I will always feel that he was spared the pain that he could have had.

Tammy Novak
Mom to Andrew

After I lost Becca to SIDS I had so many questions about what she would be doing now.  I used to wonder if I was right and she was cutting teeth, was she happy here?  Is she happy there?

Well about three weeks after we lost her (she was 11 weeks old)  I dreamed of her and she was giving me the huge grin she gave me after she ate and was content to just sit and play. Well when she smiled I seen two little teeth.  This convinced me my baby was happy and yep I was right she was cutting teeth.  This may not seem like a lot but to me it means everything.  I dream of her about once every two months.  Sometimes it is what she used to look like sometimes she has grown.  I feel comforted by the fact that my baby is visiting me in my dreams.  It lets me know she still cares about me and she still loves me.

I had a dream just before we found out we were going to be blessed with a chance to have our son Ethan, who is due on January 5, 2000.  In the dream Becca was playing with a baby boy.  At first I was confused about it and thought maybe it was an angel friend, then two weeks later I found out I was pregnant after trying for two months to conceive this child we need so badly. I was sure he was a boy.  Well he is going to be a little man.

I think Becca was letting me know she was watching over him and she loves her brother.  After the dream I no longer had any guilt about wanting another baby either because now I feel I have her blessing in ways.

10-16-98 through 1-1-99

I have had several experiences where I have heard and felt Matthew's presence.

The first one was the Monday after his death, May 3.  It was early that Monday morning.  I had been up most of the night.  My daughter had come in from her travel trailer and we spent most of the early morning talking.  She fell asleep on the couch and I laid down on the love seat.  I had not slept for almost two nights.  I must have fallen asleep because I heard Matthew tell me that he was sorry and that he loved me.  I woke up and felt so rested.

Another time was at work.  I had just gone back and was having an anxiety attack (so I was told later).  I could not breathe and I felt so sick.  It really had not been a good day.  I remember thinking about Matthew and suddenly I felt this warm feeling go from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  I was able to breathe and was not sick anymore.  My son had given me an Angel hug. 

I often hear Matthew calling me "Mom" and telling me that everything will be all right.  This mostly happens when I am having some quiet time and all my candles are lit.

I have not had a dream of Matthew as of yet.  I do not know if I even dream anymore. Seeing Matthew would be the greatest gift I could receive.

One last thing, a good friend, GLG, of ours told us about a dream he had.  This friend was also Matthew's Eagle counselor in Boy Scouts and an Assistant Scoutmaster. It was after my husband and GLG had finish getting the cemetery plot all cleaned up so that the memorial place could come do the work.  GLG said that he dreamed that he and Matthew were at the cemetery.  They were sitting together on a bench.  GLG asked Matthew "what happened?"  Matthew told him that it was not his fault.  Matthew said "I will show you."  The next thing, our friend was in the truck with Matthew.  The drunk passenger was slapping and hitting Matthew because she wanted to go somewhere else.   Matthew told her that he would take her home, then she could do what she wanted.  But first they had to find a friend of Matthew's to warn him that someone was looking for him and was going to hurt him.  The drunk passenger grabbed the wheel and caused the truck to go off the road.  GLG stated that there was lots of screaming but that Matthew had control of the truck and was bringing it back to the road.  At this point, the drunk passenger grabbed the wheel very abruptly and that is when the truck went on its two left wheels.   GLG said that everything went white and he woke up.  GLG said that he rarely dreams because he does not sleep well.  This dream happened about 2 months ago and he waited till he felt the time was right to tell us.  You cannot imagine how hearing this helped me.  Deep in my heart and soul, I believe that this drunk passenger was responsible for my son's death.  Yet with no hard proof, there is nothing that can be done to her.

Please use whatever you want to for your article.  I really believe that our Angels visit us.

Love and hugs,
Carolyn Koenning

Mom to Matthew Earl Koenning

Several weeks ago I had a dream of my daughter.  We were at the funeral home the night of visitation.  From what I remember of who was there it was the same as it happen only Mitzy walked up to me and started talking to me.  Thanking me for the pretty clothes, and having her hair and make-up fixed so pretty.  She talked about her flowers and who sent them then started drifting off and mingling with the people and talking to them.  She came back to where I was hug me, told me she loved me and walked back to her casket, climbed back into it, waved at me and layed back down and her floated back into her body.  I could see the people there and flowers all of it as if it was going on right then.  When her soul and body joined back together it all was over and stopped.  I was the only family member she talked to, not her dad, sister, brother no one but me.  Some of the people she talked with(????) she didn't know, they were business associates of her dad's.  Could not hear what she was saying when she was talking to them, , could see her lips moving they didn't appear to be talking to her.  But I could hear her when she was talking to me. I can't understand any of it or why it would of happen like this, please help if you can.

Pat Romines

Mom to Mitzy Romines
6/11/64 - 12/14/98

I had a dream about two months after my son died.  I keep praying for a dream and we were all at his new house and he came in and he looked so good a he said Mom I am happy and feel great.  Then I have had other signs from him to that I prayed about.  He always gave me Roses when he was alive.  So I prayed for Roses and I keep getting Roses everywhere I turn.  On the TV on the computer.  The other day I asked for Christmas stamps and the lady said I don't have any stamps.  Then I started to walk away and she said oh here I didn't know these where in here.  GUESS WHAT ROSES ON THE STAMPS.  I know that my prays for signs are being answered.  Please, share this and let me know what page your research will be on.


My daughter had a dream that she talked to and held her baby. In the dream baby Vickie told her she was ok. In the dream she also dreamed that God spoke to her, He handed her a flower and told her as long as she keeps it watered and in the sunshine, everything would be alright. What is the meaning of this dream?

Wanda Bryant
(Grammy to baby Vickie)

I haven't really had the comfort of having a dream visit with my Justin but there is one visit that happened the first Christmas after he went to Heaven.

December 1997
I had been asking Justin, every night since his death, for a sign to let me know he is okay. I asked for a sign just for me~~a sign that would help me to help other members of my family and our friends.  After our house fire back in April of 1996, I went out to buy a few things we needed and found an angel watch (it had the "Thinking Angels" on the face of it) and I had to have it.  When ever I leave the house I put on my watch so when I went to do some grocery shopping for Christmas dinner I was wearing this watch.  During my shopping, I checked the time and noticed that the second hand was not moving, this did not make sense because I had just replaced the battery a few months ago.  I didn't really give it much thought, just that I would replace the battery the next time I had a chance. When I got home I took the watch off while I was in the garage helping my husband with our Christmas tree and left it on the counter.  After dinner my husband went to the fire station for an all night duty and I got the kids settled in bed. I watched some TV and worked on some Christmas presents. After the news I was searching channels for something to watch and came upon an interview program, Larry King Live, he was interviewing James Van Praagh the author of the book, "Talking to Heaven".  I stopped what I was doing and watched the program.  During the interview, James stated that spirits are pure energy and they can affect anything with an energy source, he then  gave examples, lights, televisions, clocks, telephones, watches, etc. Well, this reminded me of my own watch and I went to the garage and this time I looked at the time my watch had stopped and suddenly my son's death certificate just popped into my head.  This was odd because I had not looked at Justin's death certificate since we had received it many months ago because the time of the accident was 2 hours earlier than it had actually occurred.  I was very upset at this mistake, our son was playing baseball at that time not lying on the pavement dying.  I put the certificate away and never looked at it again until now.   I took the watch and compared it to his death certificate and almost fainted, Justin was pronounced by the ER doctor at 17:59 p.m. and my watch had stopped at exactly 5:59!   Since I had never really looked at his death certificate before, I didn't know the exact time of death, just that he died shortly after reaching the hospital. I started to cry, I wanted to call someone but it was so late.  I just sat on my couch and cried out to Justin, "Is this from you?" "Is this for me?" In my heart I now know that he is okay and that this just had to be a sign from him. The odds of my watch stopping at that exact time are so phenomenal my husband says we have to believe. When I told him about it the next day he said that I could not put another battery in the watch!   He bought a new angel watch for me for Christmas, this one has a little boy angel on the face!  I believe that what happened with my watch helped me through the holidays. In the book I talked about earlier, Mr. Van Praagh says that stopping a watch or a clock at the exact time of death is a common sign a loved one will send because the time is so significant.

Tammi {Mom Forever to Justin Lon}

On November 6, 1999 - five months and six days after I lost my son, Jason, to suicide he visited me.  I have the tendency toward logic and the concrete.  There is nothing, though, that can convince me that Jason didn't have something to do with this.  I rarely EVER, EVER recall dreaming.  When I do it NEVER has the 100% REAL quality that this one had.  I definitely consider it a gift.  I will never live to forget it, but it did shake me to my very foundation and brought me to my knees.  It is one thing to drift in and out of a fog and quite another to be face to face with both a dream like this AND the full reality that you will never have new memories with your precious child.

It was one of those lazy Saturday mornings.  The house still slept while I browsed leisurely through the Kansas City Star.  Like many a weekend morn, my inclination was not to dive into the day, rather to return to the warmth, the comfort, and rejuvenation of sleep.

I drifted easily back into the peace of slumber.  Little did I know that the first contact, the cleansing forgiveness, and precious touch of his spirit awaited me there.  Previously, I had but glimpsed him in the night.  That morning, I woke anguished and desperate, the pain nearly unbearable.  It was as if a fog obscured my vision, both in the night and in the cold light of day.

But this dream was to be different: a salvation of sorts so tender and bittersweet.  As I drifted deeper into the realm of the unconscious, I carried my love, my sorrow, and my need for my son with me.  I was walking or standing and saw him at two.  He was playing, half buried in a pile of crisp leaves with his sister.  A moment later, he was seven.  With a bright grin on his face, while he sat a straddle the top of a neighbor's swing set.  His golden-red hair shown like a halo with the sun highlighting his special glow.  These were sweet memories of my precious JCP.  I cried as I so often do, knowing that the past, the memories are all that we have now.

Moments later, I took pause as he came to me at 19.  I was stunned and knew that this was only a fantasy, someone that bore great resemblance to my JCP - gone now for an excruciating 5 months and 6 long days.

He asked, "Mom, what's the matter?"

My heart broke for the millionth time since May.  I replied, "It can't be you. You died."

Jason tenderly put his arm around my shoulder, chuckled, and said, "I would never leave you, Mom."

I cried tears of joy and relief because once again, I was able to experience his wonderful embrace.  It was a dream come true when I reached out and actually caressed his wonderful, special 19 year old face and once again was able to tell him how much I love him.

I don't believe in a god or creator. I do believe in love and the fact that energy is never created or destroyed, it just changes form.  Whether this was a way my psyche chose to help relieve me from some of the overwhelming guilt a parent feels when their child dies of suicide, or whether Jason's love and energy sought me out--I'll never know.  What I do know, is that I will never forget that dream or the tenderness between us as long as I live.

Jason's Mom
4/13/80 - 5/31/99

I lost my 20 yr. old son to a drug overdose may 8, 1999.  Jeffrey James Barr was my first born and only son, I was 17 when I gave birth to him.  In the last two years of his life he got into body piercing and tattooes. His ambition was to travel, to see new places. Me and my 14 year old daughter moved from Va. to Nev. after his death.  While in Oakland California, one night, I was thinking of how much my son would of loved it there. and I was very saddened that he would never get to see the rest of the world. we stopped for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.   On the way in the door, (it was dark outside) I looked down and there on the sidewalk was a red rose. I picked it up and kept it.  Wondering if somehow it was a gift from Jeffrey.  The next day at the game, I looked up and there was a young boy, about 17 or so standing up, taking his shirt off. He had his back to me, and when the shirt was off, there on his back across the width of it.   In old English letters was tattooed "BARR", I quickly pointed him out to my daughter, turned my head and when I turned back, the boy was gone!  Was this another sign?

I do not dream at night, at least not that I know of.  Maybe the medication takes care of that. I do however cry, mostly every night.   I seem to function normally during the day, but I guess at night I unwind and the pain takes over.  I have not shared my experience in California with many because I'm afraid they will think I've lost my mind.

Your page Grieving Within really hits home.  Please feel free to use this anyway you see it may help someone else.

The hardest part of the holidays is when everyone talks about what they've gotten for their children, and when they ask you, I say "I made a wreath for my sons grave".  I have made one for every holiday so far, his birthday which was on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now Christmas.  Its a way for me to send him my love, and let him know how very much he still means to me.

Thank you for listening,
Sherry Krippner 

Jeffrey's mom

I am a member of MMIAS and I wanted to tell you a few things not about dreams, but my  son.  He is 4 years old and I have lost two other children.  I have had dreams of my kids laughing and playing.  But, my 4 year old son was talking to me the other day and told me he seen his brother and sister playing in the kitchen.  He told me, "Mommy they were ghosts, but the were playing with me and my toys while you were in the other room."   I, myself, believe he saw them.   I think kids can see more than adults.  It surprises me though that he was calm about it.  I just wanted to share that with you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  And thanks for the lovely site I really keep my spirits up when I am down,  because I can come here and read.

God Bless you,

I would like to convey my experience with a dream soon after my 13 yr. old daughter, Michelle died suddenly.

I can't remember how long after she died that I had this dream.  All of those days seem to run together now.  It started were her and I were looking at each other, she was higher above me, I had to look up slightly.  There was blackness all around us but we were lit...there was light around us.  In life, I was the parent and she was the child and in the dream it was reversed like she knows more now than I do therefore being the parent figure or guide.  I looked up at her like she did at me so many times when she didn't understand something.  I looked at her like I didn't understand what had happened.  She gazed down at me with such love and compassion like I had never felt before.  I remember telling her, almost frantically, how much I love her and miss her terribly.  She just continued to stare at me with a love & peace so deep in her eyes that still calms me when I think of it today.  She never moved her mouth but I heard "It's OK, I am OK and I love you too".  Then she gave me a big hug.  I felt that hug physically cause I can still remember how it felt.  I was in a lot of pain then and wanted to see her again so badly.  I think that it was her way to connect to me and let me know that she is all right and that she loves me and that she is still here with me.  It made me feel so much better.  I got one last hug...

Please let me know if this is what you wanted for *Visits* with our Angels.  I know this was my daughter.  I would bet my life on it...not my was her spirit giving me a message of love.

Tessa Flannery

Mom To Michelle

1998; a couple of days later I had a dream or sort of  like a vision of  her standing by a beautiful white casket that was just sitting on the ground in our cemetery...she said to me; " I'm ok Mom" and nothing more.  I am so pleased that God let her speak to me!  However, I am still having a lot of problems dealing with her loss; especially over the holidays!  I would like to hear from other grieving Moms as to how normal it is to still feel such deep pain & grief yet!  Today it is 18 months since she left this earth & I am still having bad I normal?

Thank you so much for your beautiful web pages...I didn't discover them until about 3 months ago I think...but now I visit quite often!

Barbara Smith in PA.

During my visit today I recalled the pact we made to each other about coming back, if allowed, to let the survivor of us know the one gone on was all right. I'm glad you were able to keep that promise, even though it scared all my logical sense out of me at the time.

Mike and I were still living in the fourplex and had just retired for the night. I looked at the wall I was facing to find it was starting to light up. After a moment I realized the brightness was coming from behind me, and I was just seeing the reflection of that brightness on the wall.

When I turned over to look, I saw you standing there, clothed in the most beautiful clothes anyone could ever even dream of wearing. I saw the form of your body and recognized it. You appeared as if sparklers were emanating from you in a white brightness like I have never seen before or since, and even though I knew it was you, I was frightened. I turned my face away from where you were, closed my eyes and said, "Well, John, you scared me!" You didn't scare me, but the white brightness of your form did.

I've thought about that so many times, and one thing I can compare it to is when the angels appeared to the shepherds who were keeping watch over their flock one night, at the time Jesus was born, and the shepherds were so afraid.

I am content in knowing you are in such a bright and wonderful place, but that doesn't keep me from missing you, or keep me from washing I could have made the difference to make you willing to stay here a while longer.

Star Priddy
Mom To John

I had an experience right after my son Jeff died that was so real I'm not really sure if it was a dream.  Although I did seem to be in a "dream state".   My son Jeff died 4 years ago, he was 17 at the time and was involved in a motorcycle accident.  It was very, very hard for me of course.  I had constant dreams about him but this one in particular stands out the most.  In my "dream" I was lying in bed with my arms up over my head.  Jeff came and sat down beside me on the bed, he was wearing pants and a white t-shirt. I saw him and sat up in the bed hugging him and crying telling him how much I loved him.  I was just crying my heart out.  Then suddenly I woke up and I was lying there with my arms up over my head....just as I had dreamed I was lying.  It was so real.  Jeff never made a sound or reacted in anyway.  He just sat there while I cried.  I actually think I visited him in the dream.  Anyway thats my most profound dream and I thought I would share it.


Mom to Jeff

I've been waiting to share this story with someone.

On night, after crying myself to sleep yet again, I felt my dog (a little Yorkie) jump on the foot of the bed. I mumbled "Oh, Marley, get down!" I didn't feel him jump back off so I sat up, and there was MICHAEL sitting on the end of my bed.

Oh how I cried I said "Oh Honey, let Mom hug you".......he said "I'm sorry Mom, you can't" I really cried, and he said "ok, let's try" I scurried to the end of the bed and threw my arms around him, and he was transparent like, so my arms went right through him....and then I  cried so hard !!.

Michael said, "wait a minute Mom.......and then said "Okay, now try again"....and I did !!  I gave him the biggest, loving bear hug a Mother could give!! I could feel is love.

With that, I heard a noise, which unfortunately woke me up, although I would swear I was awake the whole time,  There I was, laying at the bottom of my bed, hugging my PILLOW!!! I just know this wasn't a dream, and Michael held the pillow so I could "feel him".  It was so very real, and an experience I will NEVER forget!

Thanks for letting me share this with you.  Those who don't understand the NEED to believe think I'm crazy, but I do NEED to believe, and that is where I get my comfort from. I NEED to believe Michael can contact me, in any form, and in any manner.

Mom to Michael

What a wonderful idea. I am looking forward to reading it.  I have not had too many visits from my son, Kory. I get more from my first love who was killed in a car accident when we were in college together. I have some amazing ones about Jim. Do you want me to share them???? Just let me know.


A few months after my son Emmanuel died, like all of us I cried. I still do. I kept praying that I receive some type of signal. and I had this dream: My husband and I were at the cemetery, and we saw our son, running around the cemetery along with this beautiful little girl he had a great , wide big smile and as he ran around he kept laughing and giggling and waving at us. It was then that I saw a beautiful train that followed my son. Only that this train was made out of beautiful flowers in pastel colors. Then I woke up. I have always wondered the meaning of this dream. I often have dreams with my son, in his dreams he is always smiling and laughing. I have never had a dream where he is in distress.  My son died to complications to a pool drowning while at his caretakers home.


I wanted to share my dream experience with you...

I had a dream shortly after Noah left seemed so real. I dreamed that he came to me and told me that I had a choice to make. I could either come with him to heaven, or I could choose to stay and be with my daughters and my husband. I remember struggling with this decision...wanting so badly to be with Noah.  But I knew that I was wanted and needed with my family, and in the end I chose to be here. It was a very healing thing for me, and I started to feel much better after this. I guess it showed me that Noah was with me, and that I would be okay after all.

Dawn Stafford
Mom to Noah

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