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When Our Angels *Visit*
Page Two

Editor: Sonya Marvel
Contributors: All Members of My Mom Is A Survivor

The responses to this subject have been so vast, that we had to begin page two. Please continue to read, because you may identify with any and all of these *visits*.

I had a dream, a bad dream. My Jennis was killed instantly in a terrible collision with a semi truck that burst into flames. She was unrecognizable except for her hair and hands. That is how horrible this wreck was. It is a miracle my other daughter survived. Anyway, in a dream I had, it was quick and brief, Jenni had her hands over her face and was crying "My face, my face." I told her she is still beautiful and woke up immediately. I journal all dreams about Jenni.  The interesting part of this came a few weeks later, when one of Jenni's best friends came into my office at work, very serious, and wanted to relate to me a dream he had about Jenni. He said he was outside a friends house playing basketball. He looked over, and Jenni was standing there.  He was so happy to see her and ran over to hug her but he said she was like a ghost he could not touch her. He tried putting his arms around her and they just went through her.  Then he said Jenni stepped back and said to him, "No, just touch my face."

Now I have read our loved ones may be hesitant to visit us in dreams, as it hurts us over and over when they have to leave us again.  In my heart I believe Jenni came into this friends dream, knowing he had enough strength to tell me about it, and to relieve me of the bad dream I had.  When he told me about this dream, I immediately started crying, but they were like tears of relief.  I then told him about my dream, and how I believe his dream was meant to be a comfort to me.

I am very interested in this subject and look forward to reading about it.

Linda Kelley
In loving memory of Jenni, A Spirit Meant To Fly

For a long time after the JR was killed, I couldn't seem to dream about him. Hard as I tried, I just couldn't see him at all.

I used to watch talk shows where people were saying how their loved ones who passed on would contact them in one way or another and I'd become mad and somewhat envious because as close as JR and I were, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why he never contacted me or why I never dreamed of him.  Finally I gave up trying to figure out why and just wrote it off thinking that the experience of losing him was so devastating to me that my mind had somehow shut him out or something. Until one night a little over a year ago.

Tom and I had just moved back to Texas from Wisconsin and we had gone to bed, like any other night. Nothing out of the ordinary happened that day, just same old stuff.

I fell asleep and I had the most wonderful dream. I dreamt I was walking through a field area of tall grass, much taller than I was even, and I came upon an opening in the grass.

When I pushed the grass aside, I stepped into an area that was too beautiful for words! The colors were so vividly bright that I had to cover my eyes quite a few times before finally being able to see very well at all.

I was standing in an open area and in front of me was a gorgeous cascading waterfall. I noticed that as the water bounced off the rocks at the bottom of it, it almost seemed to make a musical sound. Sort of like wind instruments played ever so lightly at the symphony.

As I continued walking I saw a figure off in the distance. When I got closer I saw that it was JR! He was standing there in a long white robe, his arms opened wide to embrace me. While he had that same huge smile on his face that I had always seen a million times, it seemed softer to me somehow.

I ran to him and hugged him tightly. I started to cry and I kept saying how much I loved him and how sorry I was for everything. He leaned back a little, smiled down at me and told me it was ok. He said he loved me and that everything was ok.

Then his face lit up with an even larger smile and he said "Come on Mom, if we don't hurry, we'll miss him!" He turned around and pulled me by the hand at a quick pace.

We ended up sitting on the grass over by a tree. A man, who I recognized as being Jesus, was sitting beneath the tree speaking. His voice was gentle and soothing. I laid down and put my head on JR's lap while listening to Jesus.

JR ran his hand lightly through my hair, brushing it off my face every so often. I remember closing my eyes and smiling and feeling such great peace.  When I awoke I was still smiling and still felt at peace. I woke Tom up immediately and told him all about it as I burst into tears.

Since then I have only dreamt of JR one more time that I know of. It was last Christmas. We were coming back from Wisconsin after visiting there for the Holidays.

Our flight was going well and I fell asleep during it. I felt like someone was tapping at my left shoulder, so in my dream I turned that way to see who it was.

It was JR. He was standing in the aisle of the plane, leaning over me like a stewardess would. He softly whispered to me that the flight was going to have some problems but that he wanted me to know that Tom and I were going to be ok.

I turned back to my right and when I looked back he was gone. I woke up in my seat and looked around for a second or two, then I shared the dream with Tom.

At first Tom smiled at me and squeezed my hand lovingly but a few minutes later we hit terrible turbulance and the pilot was telling everyone to tighten their seat belts low and tight.

It was at that moment that Tom leaned over to me and asked, "He did say that BOTH of us would be ok, right?" I laughed so hard that I wasn't afraid of the turbulence at all from that point on!

Sorry this was so long Sonya but I guess what I really want some people to know is that their loved ones will come to them in their dreams.  Don't despair if it hasn't happened yet because it will. I truly believe that now with all of my heart:)

In Christ,
Megan (JR's Mom)

My daughter, Jennifer Rae, has been gone for 18 months and since then I have had some experiences which I feel is her way of telling us she is still near us.  Unfortunately I have very few dreams but one dream was special. Jennifer died five months pregnant with her baby girl, Angel Marie, and I would often ask Jenny what did Angel look like.  I would picture her with dark curly hair, and green eyes just like her.  One night I dreamed that Jenny brought me the baby and do I remember what the baby looked like, no!, but I do remember how vividly the baby felt in my arms, the weight of her, and I truly believe it was Jenny bringing me my granddaughter to hold.

I have had other experiences too, like the time after church getting into the car and the smell of roses permeating the whole car for just afew seconds.  I believe she was there to just say hi!

Or the time I came across a penny in an odd place.  So many times I would pass up a dropped penny, my kids would always say "don't pick up a penny if it is tails up, it's bad luck".  I hesitated but then decided to pick up the penny since it was heads up.  The penny was dated 1981, the year Jennifer was born! 

Other people may say these experiences are only coincidences but I truly believe our children send us these signs to let us know they are still around and near us.  My family has also had dreams and signs from Jennifer.  These dreams and little signs give us comfort when we think about them and we hope to have more of them.

Peggy Ariaz
Mom to Jennifer

I am Jaimie Romo. I lost my daughter at 22 weeks due to unknown causes.  Her name is Whitney Ryann Romo.  Sometime this summer I think, I had a dream.  I dreamed that my grandma was holding Whitney and that I could see them right near me, but I couldn't get to them.  My grandma has been very sick.  She's had a few heart attacks and has had to be brought back a couple of times.  This dream scared me.  I felt that my grandma was going to die soon.  I told my mom to send my dad to California to see her because something was going to happen.  It did.  Shortly after the dream, my grandma had a stroke and then a heart attack. She died for a little while, but they brought her back again.  I think that Whitney was telling me that she was there for my grandma and helping her through it.

As far as leaving little signs that she has visited me.  Right after she died, The baby swing that I had in the living room would start rocking by itself like someone was in it.  I had a CD that I used to play for her every night while I was pregnant.  After her death, it wouldn't play anymore.  I tried to play it for my friend's baby and it wouldn't work.  I think she was telling me it was hers and hers alone.  There were a couple of other things too.  During winter, we had a single flower bloom in our yard for a day.  We have no other flowers like it anywhere in our neighborhood. The other day, it was cold outside and a butterfly was sitting on my door. It flew around me a couple of times.  Every time I would move, it would turn towards me.  maybe that was her too.  Who knows?

Anyways, That was a little about the experiences I have had with "visits" from Whitney.  Thanks for letting me tell you.  :0)

Jaimie Romo
Whitney Ryann Romo

Am anxiously awaiting your newsletter. It took one year to have a dream of my daughter and although it was short, it was special. 


I am the Mother of Tanner Jason....born into the arms of angels....9/30/99, 5 days before his scheduled c-section.  I am also the Mom of Zane, 5 and Shane, 2 and here is the story.  Here is a little story I wanted to share to offer some hope. My little one Shane, 2, actually saw my baby Tanner here at the house the night after his funeral service at our church. I asked Shane to come sit with me on the couch and  patted the pillow beside me and he told me he couldn't sit there, because Baby Tanner was sitting there. I asked him what he said again because I was shocked and he said the same thing. My sister asked him if he could see him and he matter of factly said yes. So I believe he was around me then.  Shane has not seen him since.  But if you ask him today he will still tell you exactly where he saw him, on the couch...and he never varies the story. My 5 yr old told me this week that Tanner took him to heaven in a dream. So who knows, perhaps their brother comes to them. I hope so. Especially since I have those regrets about not having them hold him.  By the way, when I asked them what Tanner looked like to them they each answered (without ever having heard the other one say this) that Tanner was as big as they were and that he looked just like them. They both used the exact same words, without ever hearing the other one say it. So perhaps as a spirit, Tanner comes to them in a form they would understand...a child of their size and age and appearance.  Interesting isn't it? Makes me smile.

Mother to Tanner Jason

I had a Hannah dream, the night before/morning of Mother's day. I was so depressed not to have her with me, when it should have been my first legit mother's day. Anyway, this dream, she was on a table in a big room, lying with a rock-about half the size of a 5lb bag of sugar-sitting on her chest.  She couldn't move and was being crushed by this rock. When I took the rock from her chest, she became very lively and happy, full of smiles. I picked her up and held her in my arms, then I knew I had to leave her, but I can't remember the way in which we parted. That part wasn't very important. When I woke up, I felt so thrilled to have been able to see her beautiful little smile again, to hold her in my arms and hug her, and the wonderful feeling it gave me to know that I lifted that painful rock from her chest, making her pain go away. I think to me, the rock symbolized her heart, and my lifting the rock off represented easing her pain and freeing her to live again. Even if living was in a different sense. The dream didn't get me through the year, but I had a happy Mother's Day.  I have not dreamed of Hannah again since then.

Jen Eagan
Mom To Hannah

Our grandson Tyler Moyer died on Oct 13, 1998. He choked to death while eating supper at our home. Tyler was our oldest grand child and have to say that because he was our first he was also our favorite not that we love the other two any less but Tyler was special in his loving and caring and giving.  He always told people he loved them and went out of his way to give someone a hug or smile.

That first year we were in shock as Christmas rolled around. His mom put up a tree while we placed a wreath and candles on top of the TV with his picture and that was all the decorating we did. Right after the Thanksgiving holidays were over our daughter called and ask if we had put the small silk rose under her tree and we told her we didn't know what she was talking about and that maybe one of her friends had left it but she said none had been over.  Later I went out to our camper to get some flowers that were put there to dry that had come from the school that Tyler attended plus that is where I had put the wreaths we had on Tyler's grave out there.  On a table lay a wreath that we had taken down and on top of that wreath was a tiny silk rose just like our daughter had found under her tree.  No one but me had been in the camper and we had had no company so where did it come from.

Tyler always liked bring flowers to his Mom and to Emma and I think that he brought those roses to say its okay cause I'm okay and I still love you and will be here for you.

Rick Noles

I've had so many signs from my angels, that it is simpler to send you to the web page I made about the signs. My son and granddaughter (Jamie and Ashley) have done many things to let me know they are close and doing fine.  I have had dreams of Jamie also, that aren't included on this page. Maybe someday I'll write about those also.


On the day my son was killed on an on the job accident I managed to crawl in bed at 2:00 in the morning. At 4:00 I sat straight up in bed and knew!  I heard his voice loud and clear say (MOM) that is all I heard, I know he was calling out to me.  It is something I just feel.

Margie Schwartz

I have had several dreams since my Joshua has passed on. I like to call them visits though. I would like to share this amazing visit I had.

I remember looking across a wide open field of the Greenest grass I have ever seen, even the leafs on the trees were so very Green. I looked all around and there by a Big Tree with lush green foliage, there was a white bench and, my Joshua was sitting on this white bench.  I ran over to him and sat beside him and cradled his head to my chest and asked of him, “Do you know how much I miss you and Love you Joshua?”  Joshua then nodded his head, I took his face and held it between my two hands and gazed into his big hazel eyes, he was smiling and his eyes seemed like they were stars so very bright.  My attention soon was distracted as I looked away for a moment there stood my Mother and Father (both are deceased as well) I stood up and approached them my Mother was smiling so big and I gave her a hug and she said to me, I am glad that you came, my Father gave me a Hug and said hi Pooh, (my childhood nickname, I loved Winnie the Pooh). I then realized that Joshua was still on the bench and I turned to look but the bench was empty.  I felt that I was being pulled backwards and I struggled with the feeling.  I thought I cannot leave without seeing Joshua one more time! I heard a giggle and from behind the tree Joshua was peeking at me, I went to him and hugged him and kissed his cheek, and immediately I was being pulled away.  I remember then in this dream (visit) that I then found myself in a dimly lit room I was sitting in the middle of the room and only a trace of sunlight remained, as I looked around at the windows with the light filtering in, I knew something had just happened. (I was aware of this in my dream -visit). Then I awoke and I layed there thinking .......what just happened, or did this really happen???

I like to think that I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of heaven and that is where my Joshua brought me. I will never forget this as long as I live, because I know it was not just an ordinary dream this was real.

Mom to Joshua ^i^

Just recently I had a dream that the world was coming to an end and it was Jonathan that came to me. He was just like the way he was the day he was killed. I dreamed we were walking through this river and it kept getting deeper and I told him I was not a very good swimmer and as we walked hand in hand he told me not to worry that you didn't have to swim here and as the water got deeper we were able to keep our head above water although our feet didn't touch the bottom either. As we walked I noticed alligators, octopus and other various creatures in the river; again I mentioned that they might hurt us and again he said "mommy you don't have to be scared here it is the most beautiful place and nobody ever gets hurt; everyone is our friend here." This was a dream that I wished had lasted longer. I've had a few other dreams about him over the years, but none were as clear as this one and in the other dreams it was like it was him but when I would get closer to him it really wasn't. I know he died of a brain hemorrhage and maybe that was always God's way of letting me know if he had lived he would not have been himself. This last dream was just beautiful and to me it was my Christmas gift from heaven and it will be one of my most cherished gifts I've ever received.

I know this is rather lengthy and you may not be able to use it but I have already shared this with many people and they want me to tell someone else it has just been incredible.

Dianne Braddock
Mom to Jonathan

I have had many dreams (visits?) about Anthony since his death.  This one always stands out in my mind, especially when the wind blows....

I dreamt I was walking up a long winding staircase. There was white all around me. Suddenly I was joined by a short, balding man. He told me not to worry, my son was "Okay" and he was happy. I became irritated with him.  I asked him why my son could not tell me himself! He stopped, like he was listening, and again he said, "Your son does not want you to be worried about him.  He is happy."  Again I asked why Anthony could not tell me himself.  The man stopped, and listened. Then he said, "Your son wants you to know, that whenever you feel a soft wind upon your face. It is him blowing you a kiss." I woke up after this, and could not fall back asleep. I just kept thinking about this dream that seemed so real. I have often felt a soft wind upon my face.....

Michele M. DeGennaro

I had a dream just this morning. I dreamt that I was walking with Tania and she was a teenager. We were in a park that I have never been to. It was a beautiful park and the park had a tall iron fence around it. There was an information booth in the park, and somehow I recognized it. I have never even saw this booth or park in my life, but somehow I felt familiar with it. In my dream I felt I had worked there once before, and so I told Tania that I used to work there. We went up to the booth and stood in a line behind some people, and the lady working in the booth could not find the park maps. I than told the lady where the park maps were kept. I have never worked in a park or in an information booth in my entire life. My little Tania lived for only a tiny bit after being born. I do not understand the dream at all. In the dream everything felt and looked very familiar and I felt very very much at peace. We than left the information booth and walked to the pay phones and I told Tania I was going to call her daddy and I would just need a second. I called my current husband which is not even Tania's real father, and whom I did not even know when I had Tania. I heard my husband answer, and I looked at Tania and she smiled at me. Than I woke up. What do you think my dream meant???

Pocahontas BearClaw

I have had numerous dreams about my daughter, Jennifer, since she died in June.  And I love it when I dream about her, but they are always about her in life, as she was when she was here.  However, I do believe I was sent a message from her on her birthday.  A live rose was sent to Jennifer's funeral and I later planted it just outside her room.  It bloomed throughout the summer and was really beautiful.  But in September it REALLY began to bloom and on Jennifer's nineteenth birthday, September 17, there were nineteen blooms or buds on the bush!

Debbie Stanley
Mom to Jennifer

I have had several dreams about my son Burton. When he visits me in a dream wake up the next morning feeling as though he was really here. And I imagine that he really was. 

A couple of days after he died I couldn't sleep course. But I lay staring at the wall thinking of him and how much I missed him.  I guess I must have dozed somewhat.  I felt as if I had gotten up out of my body and went to the kitchen because I felt as if  he was in there.  I walked in the kitchen and there he stood. Dressed in one of his favorite shirts and overalls that he looked so cute in.  He smiled up at me with those beautiful eyes and said "I love you Mama." and pulled me down and kissed me on the cheek.  As fast as he appeared he left.  But when I went back to the bed I woke up with a start to realize that he had come to me in a dream.. But the place on my cheek was still there. I could feel it.. I know he had come to me and had really been there.  No matter what your little angels will always be there for you in some way or another.  And when they do visit it will be something that you will never forget. I wanted to share this with other mothers. Hope that you can share this Sonya.

MMIAS is such a wonderful place and am so glad that I found you.

Kay Pitt
Mom to Burton

I dream about Lori quite a bit, but most times her dreams are of when she was in the hospital. I will forever be in "shock" over the treatments, by this I mean the whole protocol to dealing with her brain tumor, etc. The drains all the horror of it all....but I can understand where those dreams come from, it may be the lasting shock of it all. The part that you can never forget.. and maybe the part of it all that your brain still cannot comprehend!!  But........ this one particular night....I went to bed as usual. I wasn't really "thinking" about Lori as if I wanted to convey something to her.... But I did my prayer to her like I do every night and off to sleep I went. In the dream she came to me, She seemed very far away and she was saying beautiful things to me about how well I was doing, how she wanted me to know that although she was very "busy" in heaven, she would always be watching over me. She said whenever you smell honeysuckle know that I will be there!!!  I woke up and of course I cried. This dream was sooooooo real!! I called my sister who lives not far from my house, she's almost the same age as me. Anyway, I could barely choke out my story, but I sensed that she was crying too. In between my story of my dream to her, she said, "listen I had a dream about Lori too!!!". She was crying so hard .I said one of us has to go first so,( I knew I wasn't lying)... so I let her go first. She said, Lori came to her in a dream and said when ever my sister smelled Lily of the valley (these are flowers!!!) to think of her. She is watching over her!!!  I was numb in shock!!!  I COULD NOT believe it. I tried to calm myself down and said my flower is honeysuckle!!  My sister was stunned, she said "WHAT???" when I told her I had the same dream, but only that my flower was different, she cried so hard, all I heard was sniffling in the back round!!! We, to this day, remember it as if it happened yesterday!!! It was unbelievable. My parents were shocked husband speechless, but nonetheless it happened!!!  How can you explain us both having the same dream on the same night???  The same message but with one little difference, one little difference, the sent of a flower. I have since smelled the honeysuckle and my sister smelled the lily of the valley!! If you have ever smelled these flowers they are strong!!! You cannot forget the scent!!! Its quite pungent, but very beautiful. We thought of buying a bottle each of the perfume, but then we thought, if we are smelling it ALL the time how will we know when the smell is from heaven??? So, we settled on Lori being the one to bring the smell of flowers to us!!! I have smelled the flowers on 3 separate sister has smelled the flowers also. We hope this has helped in some way, and that you do take the good dreams seriously. Ask for your child or loved one to communicate with you, pray to God and all the angels for help and guide. The spirit does live on forever. You have to believe!!!

Merry Christmas all and God Bless.
Lin Koenig

In my opinion, "signs" from my deceased child may not necessarily encompass anything of tangible or visible significance.  When I am in the darkest canyons of my grief and experience surges of depression, an inner strength and feeling of that instinct to survive, wraps it's arms around me like a soft cloak.  My heart has uprisings of serenity, almost as an assurance that my child is at eternal peace.

This may all be attributed to the human need to survive ora product of a vivid and desperate imagination or perhaps it is a "sign" from my child. I choose to wait in great anticipation for an eternal reunion with my son upon my own demise.  In the interim, perhaps all of us who are grieving the loss of our beloved child, should reach out to one another and be providers of support and compassion in this fellowship of grief.

Not even death can take away the unconditional love we all have experienced through our precious children and that is probably why we choose to interpret even the slightest out of the ordinary experience as a visit from our child..If  this brings us some semblance of comfort and is within the realms of normalcy, then I personally see no harm in feeling that our child is indeed watching over us and paying us little visits.

Paula Lewis
Mom to Glenn Lewis
10-10-81 - 8-10-96

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